Roadside Assistance

Money can’t buy experience and we have it in spades. For almost four decades we have been providing car, van, ute and truck roadside assistance for Miranda, Caringbah, Taren Point, the Sutherland Shire, St George and surrounds.

Roadside assistance is a great service that helps drivers whose cars have suffered a minor mechanical failure that leaves them stranded on the road. It may be because they ran out of fuel or oil, maybe they hit something and there is now water under the car’s tires, or it could be because they are simply far from the nearest gas station or convenience store. Whatever the reason may be, having Paul Flood Automotive services at your fingertips is very helpful to you and your family. They will come to your rescue and give you some help while you’re stranded.

Roadside assistance services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are so many things to do while you’re stranded on the road, how can you handle them all? One of the first things you need to do is call your auto insurance agent. They may have a breakdown coverage or a roadside assistance service that will come to your aid. The tow vehicle may be waiting by the driveway or the shoulder to tow you away, but your car may need to be taken to a mechanic or auto shop to get it fixed.

There are different roadside assistance plans that cover various factors, such as towing in case you call for help. The minimum amount of coverage you are required to carry in your policy is the one hundred miles per year, that you have already agreed to. This means if you only travel one hundred miles per year, then you are already covered.

When you are stranded on the road, you will likely be able to reach your vehicle by cell phone or a fixed device. Some providers will allow you to use their call centre representative to reach your vehicle. If this does not work, your provider may have a route that will take you to your vehicle. Other providers, such as Avis, have their vehicles waiting at their destination to take you to your car. Depending on which provider you decide to go with, there may also be some devices and equipment that they can provide to you to assist you. This will include tow trucks and a professional who can unload your vehicle so that it is safe and secured.

Even if you have a full flat tire, you can still get help. Towing services are usually available 24 hours a day and are fully insured. There are many different reasons why you might need someone to assist you on the road, whether you broke a tire, ran out of gasoline, or became stranded in a deserted or dangerous place. If you do not have car insurance, you can purchase Roadside Assistance or Flat Tire Assistance for under a hundred dollars per year.

Roadside Assistance plans are offered by many insurance companies. Many of these companies have their own website, where you can find out all the details. Most of the plans have a flat rate, which means that they are very affordable. The best thing about Roadside Assistance is that it is completely optional and only required for drivers who have an auto insurance policy with the company. This is a great way to ensure you never have to worry about what to do in the event of a stranded situation that you cannot manage to get help yourself. Inquire now at Paul Flood Automotive if you are within Miranda, Caringbah, and Taren Point.

Mechanical Repairs

For over 38 years Paul Flood Automotive has been servicing the cars of the Sutherland Shire. With state of the art equipment and our legendary customer service, you can trust us with your pride and joy.

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Whether it’s roadside assistance or on-site servicing, our fleet of specialised automotive servicing vehicles will get your car, truck, van or ute on the road in no time.

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There’s a lot riding on your tyres and brakes – bring your vehicle in for regular inspections so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge your car will go exactly where you want it to, when you need it to.