Car Servicing

Money can’t buy experience and we have it in spades. For almost four decades we have been providing car, van, ute and truck car servicing for Miranda, Caringbah, Taren Point, the Sutherland Shire, St George and surrounds.

No matter how well you treat your car and how much care you give it, there’s not much you can do when it comes to maintenance. The reality of the matter is that an car servicing will be a requirement in the life of your car. Indeed, there may be many repairs in your future, even if you treat your vehicle as if it were your baby! You must fix your car when needed, but you can’t look into a crystal ball and predict when something will go wrong.

A vehicle is made up of a series of mechanical, and together is a very complex piece of equipment. One part can fail and cause another one to fail also. The older a car gets and the more it is driven, the more this problem gets worse.

If you suspect or perceive any type of problem with your car, whether it’s a small repair that you think should be done or a more serious fix, the first thing to do is read the user manual carefully . Find information relevant to the problem you are having.

Don’t panic if you hear an unusual noise that you’ve never heard before. You might automatically think this is a sign of a big problem that is going to cost you a lot to fix, but in reality, it might turn out to be reasonably small or it might turn out to be normal and nothing to worry about.

If you know what strange noise you’re hearing and if you’ve worked on your car successfully before, you’ll feel confident about fixing your car. On the other hand, if you can’t do your job or don’t want to risk it, you should seek out Paul Flood Automotive; we will be able to do the job efficiently and at a fair price.

The most important thing here is to know exactly what you need before you start making calls and inquiries. You want to get your car to the best possible place for repair, but you can simplify your search if you know immediately what is most important.

If your vehicle’s warranty is still in effect, you will have fewer options when it comes to repairs. In most cases, new cars under warranty should be repaired by a qualified mechanic or automotive service technician certified by the vehicle manufacturer. The manufacturer may find it necessary to have the work performed at a dealership service center.

If the warranty has expired, you can get help from a reputable company such as Paul Flood Automotive available in Miranda, Caringbah and Taren Point that will do the job for you at a competitive cost.

Mechanical Repairs

For over 38 years Paul Flood Automotive has been servicing the cars of the Sutherland Shire. With state of the art equipment and our legendary customer service, you can trust us with your pride and joy.

Mobile Repair

Whether it’s roadside assistance or on-site servicing, our fleet of specialised automotive servicing vehicles will get your car, truck, van or ute on the road in no time.

Brakes & Tyres

There’s a lot riding on your tyres and brakes – bring your vehicle in for regular inspections so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge your car will go exactly where you want it to, when you need it to.